Reasons Why Rimowa Are The Best Suitcases

Have you had to struggle while traveling because of the wrong choice of a suitcase? If yes, you probably haven’t tried Rimowa suitcases. Rimowa suitcases are beautiful and easy to carry suitcases that will make your traveling easy and enjoyable.

Reasons why you should buy Rimowa suitcases

1. Their make

g5676j87i7u6j56Initially, these suitcases were made of aluminum which made them durable and reliable. However, aluminum suitcases were prone to scratches and dents. In the 2000s, the company introduced polycarbonate made suitcases. Polycarbonate has excellent toughness and is resistant to heat which makes the suitcases long lasting. You are therefore not forced to buy a new suitcase every year. Polycarbonate is also good looking and makes the suitcases appealing to your eyes. Polycarbonate is a light material which makes the suitcases easy to travel with.

2. Secure way of carrying your items

They have easy to open and close locks approved by TSA. The ease to open and close makes them useful at the airport where you are required to open your suitcase for security checks. You can easily open the bag to have it checked and close it without struggling. These locks are opened and closed using numbers that are only known to you. It is, therefore, a secure way of carrying your belongings. These locks continue working even after excessive use, and you are therefore always assured of the security of your belongings. The suitcases also have a non-zip design which prevents water and dust from getting into your suitcase. Therefore your belongings have zero chances of getting destroyed.

3. Provides you with a variety to choose from

These suitcases come in different shades, designs, and sizes. It is therefore up to you to choose the one that has your favorite color and the one that will be enough to carry your belongings. You can also choose the design that pleases you the most. If you are planning to travel with your family, you can get a suitcase that is big enough to hold all your properties.

4. Enough packaging space

Even the Rimowa suitcase that may appear small from the outside can be used to carry a lot of things. They have a lot of packing space, and hence you are not forced to leave behind some important things you may require on your journey due to lack of space. They also provide convenience while packing your luggage. This is because they have dividers that can be removed or adjusted to create more space for your belongings. You can also use these dividers to place small items.5678ikujh6

5. Easy to travel with

The suitcase has four wheels that make it easy to roll with little effort. The wheels make them convenient to travel with. You can also maneuver easily through narrow paths with the help of these wheels. You are also not forced to carry your bag by lifting it.

According to Albert Barrett, Manager at Rimowa Expert “Rimowa suitcases are the best suitcases for your traveling” You can get more information on Albert’s facebook concerning this amazing suitcases that can secure your luggage and serve you better and for a long time.


What To See In Chiang Mai


There are many places you can visit when you go on holiday. When the time comes to decide, you should consider going to Thailand. This country is a very popular destination when it comes to holidays, and even though there are so many places in the whole country you can visit, Chiang Mai is always a popular choice.

Why Chiang Mai?aa09

The reason many people choose this city for their vacation is that it has something to offer all visitors. You can go on many chiang mai trips and enjoy the culture, nature, history and scenic views you would never find anywhere else. The climate in this city is sunny and cool, and the air is fresh. You can spend your time outdoors visiting one of the many night markets or even visiting the night safari. For solo travelers, there is a toned down but adequate level of nightlife with both the tourist and local spots that you can check out.

Places to visit

Chiang Mai is a great place to base yourself and visit the surrounding areas. You can visit many natural attractions around which are only a few hours drive away.

Pu Chi Fa

This is an amazing place that will give you a view that you can ever forget. You walk up to the top, and if you get there early morning, you will see a sea of mist. There are beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Looking down from the top of this mountain you will see another country which is Laos.

Doi Inthanon

lkgeIt is a national park, and you can get there in about 2 hours. You can consider driving or riding a bike up there, and you will enjoy the sceneries. From the bottom of the mountain to the top, you will pass many waterfalls which you can stop, have a meal or a drink along the way. When you get to the peak, you will find two pagodas that were built in honor of the late king and the queen. The view from the top is nothing short of amazing, and you can walk in the garden around the area.

Doi Suthep

The temple which is only about 11 km’s from the city is a must visit when you go to this place for the first time. It has a lot of history and a beautiful golden pagoda. You can also see the entire city of Chiang Mai from this unique temple.


Preparing for your next trip

We all like to travel from time to time, but if you want it to go smooth and have a good time, you need to make sure you are prepared in every way. From packing to planning your accommodation and transportation, you need to make sure everything is arranged so that you will not have any problems. Some people, however, like to enjoy their free time going hiking or camping and if you like to spend some time in nature, read more for some tips.


The first thing you need to do when planning your trip is to decide on the dates. If you are going camping, the times can mean the difference between an enjoyable time and a terrible time. Since you will be outdoors, the weather plays an important role. It is the same for spending time on the beach or anywhere. Make sure you plan for seasons that will help you make the best of your trip.


You must pack your bags based on your destination. If you are going to be in the forest, you will need clothes that will cover your body well but are not too bulky. You will need things like mosquito and bug repellents. For the beach, however, you will be better off with shorts and casuals shirts. Good shoes for camping and sandals for the beach are the best way to go when you are packing your footwear too. Always remember to take any medications that you are using with you. Devices like inhalers etc. should always be on your person in case you ned to use them. Ensure you have enough to last you for the duration of your trip.


Arranging your transportation early if important. Book your flights early or if you are driving, make sure your vehicle is serviced and in proper condition. For camping, you should consider an off-road vehicle which will be able to handle rugged terrain. Flights if booked early can be purchased for a much better price too.


Obviously, if you are going camping, you will have to take a tent with you. But if you plant on going to a hotel, make sure you reserve your accommodation early. Even mountain resorts can become expensive during peak seasons, and early booking can get you a much better deal and the dates that you intend to travel.


If you want your trip to be perfect, a little bit of planning by following the above tips can go a long way.


Holiday ideas for you and your family

Everyone gets excited and looks forward to the time when they will go on holiday. There are so many beautiful destinations that can be considered, but many are far away. One place that is close to the US is isla mujeres a Mexican island located about 13 km off the coast of Cancun. Here are a few tips that you can take into account when planning your holiday.

Start earlyfvrkh

It is important that you make plans early so that you can take advantage of better air tickets and accommodation promotions. Keeping this for the last minute can cost double of even more and that can ruin your plans and not give you enough room to enjoy.


Ensure you set aside enough money for your travels and a little extra for a bit of shopping and fun activities. Ensure you have a little bit extra in case you make any changes or there are any unexpected issues that come up.


When you are on holiday on an island, you will spend most of your time on the beach. This mean you would not need to bring along a suit or heavy jackets. Make sure you have light and comfortable clothing that are easy to carry and will be practical. Always remember to take any prescription medications with you along with their prescriptions. You may not be able to get the same medication on the island so take enough to last you the days you will spend there.


There are many activities that you can enjoy on the island. For thrill seekers, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling are some great choices. If you are with the family, your kids can enjoy playing on the beach, visiting the turtle sanctuary and also the Mayan temple ruins on the southern tip of the island. You can have some relaxing time soaking up the sun during the day and enjoying the fantastic ocean scenery during the evening.

reljewfhlkk08Who can consider a holiday on the island?

This destination is suitable for all types of travelers. You can go there alone, with the family or your partner. There are many romantic and beautiful beaches to walk on, and you can have some great moments to remember.


You must always keep in mind that your holiday must allow you to relax and refresh your mind and body. Take advantage of the beauty and nature of this island, and you will go back rejuvenated.


Preparing for your Next Family Vacation

Going on a family vacation to foreign countries is always exciting and something to look forward to. Planning an international family vacation does require a bit of work, however. There are a lot of things to consider and prepare for in advance. The el nido philippines can be of great help when preparing for your next family vacation. The following tips will help you to plan for your next family vacation so that you can relax and unwind without worrying about details you might have overlooked.

General information

1. Decide on the destination

jhjhhjhjjhqqqwwdChoosing the destination for your family vacation is part of the fun of planning for it. Involve the whole family in the decision if possible. When you have chosen the destination you need to find out a bit about it. For instance, if you decide to travel to Bali you need to be aware of the culture of the place. They are rather strict about the manner of dress in Bali so you will need to be sure that you will not offend local culture by dressing inappropriately.

2. Decide on the accommodation

Many people choose self-catering holiday accommodation these days. Bali, for instance, has wonderful accommodation options such as renting a Bali villa. Self-catering or short term holiday apartments are great for groups, families, or even couples enjoying a romantic get-away. They provide greater independence and privacy and can really give you a feel of the place. You get to enjoy a home-away-from-home for the duration of your stay. What could be better than waking up in your Bali villa on the beachfront and hearing the crashing of the waves?

3. Consider the precautions

Sometimes you need to be aware of the precautions one needs to take when visiting foreign countries. For instance, if there is a mosquito problem you will need to protect yourself and your family from Malaria. You might visit a country with a particularly high crime rate. If so, find out about the precautions that you should take to ensure that you and your family have a great vacation and that you will be safe while you are there.

4. Do not forget about your home

While you are away your home will be left vacant. Arrange for a house-sitter or for a trusted friend or family member to check on your property regularly. Suspend delivery services as well, and have your mail box emptied daily, so that your home does not look as though nobody is there. This is an open invitation to would-be thieves.

5. Make your whereabouts known

kjjjjjkkkkkkkkkBe sure to provide your contacts with the address and contact details of the place you will be staying at when you arrive. Most holiday apartments are equipped with Wi-Fi and so staying in touch with friends and family back home should not be a problem. Keep in regular contact if possible and have a contingency plan worked out if communication should cease for any specific period of time.

6. Only take essentials

Do not clutter up your luggage with non-essential items. This will only make life more difficult during the traveling stages of your trip. It makes sense to take only what you think you will need.


Sailing Basics- What You Need To Know About Sailing

Sailing is one of the favorite past time activities in places like Vancouver and similar coastal regions in Canada. It proves to be a booster for most travelers and sea lovers and hence, one can see the rise in the industry. But to enjoy the activity, one needs to be properly trained and groomed to face hard waters and harsh conditions.

One can find quality lessons from yachting associations and schools in the coastal regions. They offer expert sea training from the finest trainers and experts in the industry. If you have finally decided to get some lessons, then you need to be sure where you wish to get trained. The success of a learner depends on the quality teaching of a sailing school. Hence, one needs to be extra sure while looking for good and professional lessons.

Some of the key points to remember for getting good lessons include

Ask experts

45rtfcgAlways seek advice from experts and professional trainers. You can get into consultation with experts or from people working in the marine industry.

Comparative research

Conducting a comparative research is also necessary for making an analytical research on the goods and bad of the company. You can select three to four best training schools in Vancouver and then compare amongst them.

Shortlist and visit

Ensure that you visit each and every sailing school to avoid any last-minute misconceptions. Make face-to-face conversations with experts and professionals to get a better insight.

Ask relevant questions

Ask relevant questions about their training program, their trainers, and the duration. Try to get as many queries sorted as possible in your first meeting itself. And remember to ask about their recognition from relevant and reputed associations and regulatory bodies.

Compare pricing

c54rtfghLastly, compare the pricing of the various institutes and training schools to get the best deal for your course. Let’s discuss your physical preparations first. The most important thing to ask yourself is this: “Do you know how to swim?” If you don’t, then you might want to learn how to swim first before you engage yourself in sailing. But given that you know how to swim already, then you can go on to the next steps.


The next thing that you have to make sure of is that whether or not you are physically fit to do this kind of activity. Some people who never sail even consider having their health checked first before sailing itself. But be wiser than them and do so to make sure that you are healthy and fit to engage yourself in this kind of physical activity.

Sailing gears

56rtfgxcyhThe primary sailing basics when it comes to apparel includes, of course, your sailing gears, sailing gloves, sailing trousers, t-shirts, jackets, floating vests and the like. You will find that most sailing stores offer and sell other types of apparel. You can choose to buy them in the future if you decide to push through with your sailing experience.


A Hiking Gear Checklist For Hiking Day

I was thinking today about what should be on a hiking gear checklist for hikers who are just starting out. With that in mind, I created the list below as a general guide to what you should be looking to acquire when getting your hiking gear together for a day hike.

Must have during hiking

Hiking trousers or hiking shorts

6ytxcxgfhvbnSuitable hiking trousers are a must. Waterproof is always a good idea. I like ones with air vent’s in them which can be opened to allow better air circulation in to keep your legs dry as your sweat is allowed to wick away from the skin. I also like hiking trousers with detachable bottoms so they can easily double up as shorts.

Base layers

You need to be sure you have adequate base layers. The first base layer is next to your skin so, like your hiking trousers, you want breathability to let sweat wick away comfortably. The colder it is, the more layers you need. Always good to carry an extra one or two with you just in case.

Hiking hat

If it’s cold when you’re hiking a good woolen hat is a great addition to have. Worn under the hood of your waterproof jacket, it will keep your head nice and toasty! Alternatively, if it’s blistering hot and the sun is beating down, a baseball hat or beach-style hiking hat will protect you from any harmful rays.

Hiking gloves

These need to be waterproof, wind resistant and ideally leaving you with some mobility in your hands for grasping, opening, etc.

Hiking socks

Good socks are as important as good boots. It is worth getting good hiking socks that complement your hiking boots or shoes to ensure maximum comfort and avoid the dreaded blister!

Day or technical pack

You, of course, require something to carry your extra gear and some basic supplies in so a comfortable day pack on your back is a must.

Hiking boots and shoes

5rtfghdfOf key importance when hiking. You need the right hiking boots or shoes for the climate and weather you are hiking in. It needs to be a good fit, and your boot or shoe should be well broken in. It is a good idea to break them in, in your house or around the block before ever using them on a hike. Always wear your hiking socks when breaking a hiking boot in!

Waterproof hiking jacket

Depending on what climate you are hiking in but invariably it will rain at some point, so you need to have the right waterproof hiking jacket with you. There are many options to choose from, many of which have detachable layers and so can be adapted to be used all year-round.

Extra hiking clothing

Extra clothing is a must if you are moving in and out of different temperatures and weather which can happen very easily as you ascend further up a mountain. Always good to have a bit more than less I think.